STEP 1 : I take a free tour over the shop and i carefully look at all the pages. Doing this, i also think to my friends for who a present is always welcome, especially when it's cheap !     STEP 2 : I write down the things that i like. I don't loose this sheet as i will need it at the following step.     STEP 3 : I send an email at the following : with the the list of things i've just wrote. I can also join a couple of question about qualité, shipping or whatever i can think of.
Once we receive your email, we send you back the final price including shipping and how to pay (mostly paypal). Once everything is ok, we send
you the package and it becomes your legal property.
Without ordering, i can also send an email with any question or doubt or request you may have. We will reply to it in quite a fast way. Thanks !