Hellofreaks will join the collective exhibition The Art Of Front curated by Front Magazine at The Black Heart in Camden from 20th > 25th February 2012. This artwork will be sold there.
More infos can be found here : The Art Of Front


Get Freaky Exhibition On Tour ! After Arras & Lille, the collective exhibition driven by Get Freaky is now launching in Brussels, at the Micro Marché. Be there if you dare ! Brand new illustrations, as a limited edition in only 25 copies, hand-numbered and signed to be sold there !


Illustration for the Get Freaky Magazine Issue #05. Brand new, as usual !
This one can be found (& bought !) in the Shop section.


Hellofreaks was kindly asked to deliver some artwork for the cover of the second issue of the fanzine. So it's done. Get the fanzine here ! Thanks to Francesca for asking.


Short texts and selected illustration in the Gallery pages of Computer Arts Magazine (French edition) out in January 2012. Oué gros, t'as vu !


Hellofreaks contributed with 2 brand new illustrations to the new fanzine Squame / Ecailles,
among 20 others artists, between France & Italie. Have a look there !
Thanks to Francesca for the invitation.


My self-published Faces And Names book. Limited to 99 copies. Each copy is hand-numbered with your name hand-written by me ! See more of it in the Shop.


My contribution to Get Freaky Magazine Issue #04


4 big illustrations for La Nuit Des Champions in Lille.
Good Music. Nice People. Great party !


Experimental collage as a contribution to the Megafono Online Magazine.
To be out soon !


Exhibition made of posters from the Vectorlounge Dune sessions. Some are for sell at the Café Dune or you can send me a mail if interested in any. Exhibition from December 15 to January 15.


3 Illustrations published in the Carne Magazine Issue #05.
Grab it here while you can, it's free. And great as well.


2 new & exclusive illustrations as a contribution to Migrate Magazine in South Africa.
The Obsess Issue (aka issue # 12). Illustrations are displayed in the illustrations section.
Great mag, catch it if you can ! Thanks To Roanna for the invitation !


Contribution to the issue #02 of the French Fanzine Get Freaky out by end of October.
Launch party in Lille (France) on August 27 at Baobab Café. Great Party, Great Mag !

Get It Here ! It's only 2 euro !


Participation to the second issue of the Be My Toys festival at La Bellevilloise in Paris.
Some new toys soon available for sell in the shop section. Check it soon.

Thanks to Sarah for inviting me again.


Big illustration (1mx1,5m !) to illustrate one of the 100 historical moment of the city of Badalona, near Barcelona in Spain. The project will feature 100 artists / studios around the word and will be a wall of 100 m long (by 1,5m high) and a book too. More infos can be found here, on the blog.
Thanks to Leandro and Martin for the invitation.


Contribution to the issue #01 of the French Fanzine Get Freaky out by end of August.
Launch party in Lille (France) on August 27 at Monde Moderne.
Thanks to Nicolas for inviting me !


I was invited to contribute to the Amos (Germano-Iranian singer) artistic project around his next album issue called Showtime. The aim was to create a design from a blank cover for several exhibitions planned in Germany. More infos and pictures when the exhibitions will launch !
Thanks to Amos & Gregor !


I made an hand-draw illustration for the exhibition project by Artoys, School's Out, which can be seen until August 28 at Artoys Gallery, Paris.


Hellofreaks was invited to contribute to the project CitID / Honor Your City.
Want to know more about it ? Have a look on the site, you can even join it if you love your city that much. Thanks to Fred & Friends for the invitation.


Hellofreaks is featured in the Issue #6 of BIG UP Magazine with an interview (made Live over iChat !) and a selection of works (not much but full size ;). Check this here and enjoy the whole mag and features. Good stuff to hear too. Thanks to Katya for the invitation !


Hellofreaks was kindly invited to join the event "Crazy About Italian Shoes".
You can get more info about it on their site. Exhibition will be on 16 & 17 of September in Milan so be there if you're around !


My contribution to the book "Uber Games" by Uber Books in which worldwide designers were
invited to give their own vision of their favorite games ever. So guess what my choice was...
Book should be out early this winter and wow, sounds just like the perfect x-mas gift !

Thanks to Shue for the project !


I was asked to help save the species by contributing to the book The Ark by DGPH.
As a big friend of nature and all, i said yes and so here it is.


Señor DI-NA-MI-TO was the winning design at the LaFraise Tee Contest and so, it will be soon available for sale (aka To Buy) on the site there. Pictures of the tees as soon as i get them !

Watch for it !


Here is my contribution to the Luvgalz 02 exhibition that last from May 7th to May 30th in Paris at café Dune. Many good artists gathered there. Thanks to Stenkat for the invitation, this was fun !


Hellofreaks was offered a wall to spoil at the Café Dune for April exhibition Wall Design Expo.
And so we did ! I was joined by Stan who gave birth to numerous monsters aside from my characters and typos. Final shot is great. Be there for the ending party, all while be blasted off on 1st of May !

Special page with tons of photos coming soon !


Hellofreaks was kindly invited to work on the next Crackpot Calendar issued each year by Gestalten in Germany. Watch out for the 2010 Edition, it will feature an illo on the cover + one inside !

Pictures are here. Thanks to Matthias !


Hellofreaks is part of the Vectorlounge Dune Events !
Every week, graphic designers can come and share in this cool place.
Don't miss the next one !


New Exhibition in Aix-En-Provence at Artshow / Pygmees Concept Store
From 08 to 28 of November. Launching party on 08 of November.
Be there if you can cos i will !

Thanks to Fabz !


Inicitiva Colectiva Online Magazine feat. Magic 7 interview + Selected works !

Thanks to Nicole Andujar there for asking and being that cool !
Muchas Gracias !


Ninja Mag Issue #09 -- OUT NOW !
Featured page from the Be My Toys Festival along with the Candiration global presentation.

Thanks to Pierre !


French Art Mag ! Now Online & Rollin ! Rock Da Place !
Co-Founder & Editor ! Ch-Check It Out ! Back to school Dude, Learn some French !

Artists, Personnalities, Interviews, Jibba Jabba & More !


Revista Göoo #06 The Future Issue ! Featured Illustration.
Visit the Flickr Gallery here !  Visit Revista Gooo Website and get your copy til it last !

Thanks to everyone there and Special Thanks to Andres ! Gracias !


BE MY TOYS Festival / 11 & 12 of Octobre
Custom Toys Exhibition ! See some of them here - SOON ! Rock On !

Thanks to Sarah & Brune Marie from Le Candiraton for making it great !


Custom for the Last BUBBLE Exhibition
at the WHO'S NEXT SALON in Paris and on Tour in Montpellier, Toulouse, Caen & more !

Watch it here !


Custom for the Lapin Q.BIQ Exhibition
Exhibition Tour in Toulouse, Lille, Paris, Strasbourg & more !


STICK-IT Exhibition in June 2008 in Lima / Peru
Visit the Flickr Gallery here !

Thanks to Cansei for making it alive ! You Damn Rock Miss !


New exhibition at the very well-known place called Le Glazart in Paris.
If you are in Paris in July, this is a must-see ;)

Pics of the show are coming soon !


Mini Munny custom for the Customania event.
On tour, among many other artists. Soon in place near you, check it here and contact them if you want to host the show in your own town !

Nice interview + selected works for this 10 pages shot in the Babyboss Magazine from Indonesia.
Thanks to Godot Guntoro for asking and making it alive ! Cheers !

Pics are on this special page

Man From Houston / Paper Toy Custom for the Speaker Dog Exhibition
Watch the full serie here

Interview + selected works in the Chinese edition of the Computer Arts magazine
Thanks to July Huang for asking !

Pics are on this special page

Hellofreaks Exhibition at Café Dune in Paris / France / Mai 2008
Get your free tour & enjoy the show ! It's 82% new stuff ;)

If you want to host the show in some places around or build some new one, contact us ;)

Hellofreaks online Interview at Blog De Curieux.
Thanks to F4F440 for asking and bringing it to life ! Go there and have a look (French spoken only).

4 pages interview + selected works in the Design In Paris guidebook.
Published for the Asian market, it is both Chinese & English spoken and features many
Designers profiles in Paris, works and favourites places.
Thanks to July Huang for that ! It was nice ;) Possible to get it by ordering here !
Hellofreaks Exhibition at the Galerie Artem in Quimper, Bretagne. Features some Posters,
Music Videos and Badges for sell. Visit this special page to know how it really happened there !

More infos and pictures here !

Elvis® Limited Edition Tee released from Brasil ! Visit the IS® Website here !
Click here for full pictures and package.
Illustration for the upcoming book 60. Unite For Children to support UNICEF actions.
The book is out and can be found in some librairies or on the dedicated website.
The issue 02 of Zupi Magazine (Brazil) features a 6 pages interview from our studio.
Pictures coming soon. Thanks to Allan and all there !
Studio Multimedia 78 features a 5 pages interview + selected illos & front cover from our studio.
Click o picture to see the magazine pages.
Our music video Knock Out featured in the Festival Némo 2006, in the Wow+Flutter program by OneDotZero. Watch this video in the Motions section.
Chickenzilla character originally designed to be part of a permanent decorative exhibition in a club in Singapore.
Our music video Knock Out broadcated at OneDotZero Festival.
Selected to be part of the Wow+Flutter 05 program in London and on tour in many places around the world, yeah !
Our View Blaster illustration featured in the book Human ?
Double page artwork. Book should be out soon !
Our illustration Annie™ Ta Meilleure Amie featured in the book Human ?
Double page artwork. Book should be out soon !
3D artwork by Marie.
Contribution to the GamePaused™ A Creative Celebration of the Video Game.
Book sould be out soon !
Our illustration Chickenzilla is published in the 2006 edition of the Semi-Permanent Book by
Design Is Kinky. Check it in stores !
3D artwork by Marie.
Our Red Is Dead™ illustration was created for the Rouge exhibition in Paris.
This illustration can be seen in the Illustrations Section.
Asiana Issue (# 09) of Vektorika Magazine features an interview (plus selected illustrations) by Hellofreaks. You can get it here (and the previous issues as well).
Thanks to the Vektorjunkie there ;).
Originally done for the Z+ Book (cancelled) project, our illustration Elektronisch Geisha is finally published in the gallery of Zupi 01. Thanks to Allan !
Our music video Follow With The Sun featured on the Stash DVD 07.
Watch this video in the Motions Section !
Issue 76 of DPI Magazine in Taiwan features an interview of the studio.
Click on the picture to see the pages.
Our music video Follow With The Sun featured on the promo Get Redy DVD.
This is a non-commercial DVD featuring 11 music videos & audio CD.
Watch this video in the Motions Section !
Some illustrations and a logo design for a sticker board are published in the Nuke Magazine
issue 01.
Logo can be found in the Logotypes Section.
Participation to the Freewave Book project by Fontmonter (Dave Luscombe). Our submited illustration Robots can be seen in the Misc Section. A DVD comes with the book with all the illustrations sources to be used freely. Still available in stores.